Selling to clients and getting higher rates


If you are a solo consultant or an agency with more people, and you are selling some services to clients, you want to sell them for as much money as possible. Why? Because you are not here to look at the sunshine and rainbows, you are here to make money, have profits. You need to price your services accordingly, offer best services to clients, and you will have more profits day after day.

Pricing and tactics

Pricing is always a hard thing. Whether you are pricing a product or a service it can be tricky and risky. You should look into the market, your competitors and figure out what is their price. And you should never try to win over clients by offering lower prices because if you all start doing that prices will go down and down and you will all destroy your businesses.

There are a couple of tactics on how you can figure out how other companies price their services but maybe a favourite one is to cold-ask them by faking it. You are probably confused about what do I mean by faking it. You just fake that you are their possible client and that you are interested in their services. You communicate with them via email (or other way of communication), tell them “what you need” and ask for their rates and offers. You can do that with multiple consultants/agencies and you will get tons of data that you can use to your advantage. Price is not the only thing you ask them about, you ask them about their background, what skills they have, everything that you think could be useful for profiling them.

After you do all that, you can offer that services for higher rates, offer your clients better skills (since you know all those skills from your competitors) and you will get as many clients as you want or need.


You need to be everywhere, offline and online. You need to make it that if anybody thinks about hiring somebody for services that you offer they think of you. And how do you do it? One of the ways is to network with possible and current clients. Go to conferences, talk with people in the gym, stalk companies and their employees on Linkedin, write posts like this on your blogs, make Youtube videos, etc. Do whatever you think will connect you with future clients and show how great you are.


You need to work on your image in the eyes of your present and/or future clients. They need to know, or at least think, that you will offer them better services and that their money is best spent with you. If you really offer quality work and services it will be easier for you to get clients and higher rates, but you can also hack it all and make it appear that you offer better quality service and risk a bit. All of this is not easy, but it is well worth all the trouble. Before you know, you will have clients giving you money like crazy. Money driven development is a serious thing, if you use it properly you will be on a path to greatness and profits.