Use your own framework or library and they will always need you

Frameworks and libraries frameworks everywhere

We should start counting how many times we say the word framework or library every day. They are one of the most popular (but serious) development buzzwords. There are lots and lots of frameworks and libraries. There is a framework or library for every single thing that you can imagine. If you imagine something that is not available with some framework, somebody is probably writing in as you read this.

Your own framework

When you are writing code for some part of the software that you work on and nobody from the team or the company knows anything about it, you know that they will always need you. They will need you to fix issues with it, explain it to new people etc. Basically, you are the only one that understands 100% what happens there.

Making and using your own framework or library is the next level. You could just write code that you need in the project and it will just be a part of the project. But if you write separate framework or library, give it a name, push it on Github or host it somewhere else, get some PRs, forks, stars, it will become more, it will become, wait for it, wait for it, fraaaaamewooooork or liiiiibrarrrrry. By separating that code into framework or library it becomes a separate entity, almost a living thing.

Make it look complicated

If somebody sees that you did not do something special, you just moved code that nobody from the company knows about into separate thing, you are in trouble. That is why you need to make it look complicated and make it look like the project cannot work without it. If it looks complicated and people on the project think that you are the only one that can handle it, they will always need you and you will have that money coming to you for no reason! 🙂

Extra extra level

The even better thing would be to have your own paid framework or library. That would be some extra level sh*t. MDD is all about money, and having paid framework or library that people depend on is a dream come true. But for now, start with just separate framework or library and when you do that we can think about paid framework or library.

Framework or library?

As you can see in this post, framework and library come together, but is there really a strict definition of the difference between framework and library? I mean, it would simplify writing about it a lot.

Whether you call it framework or library that is less important. The only thing important is that you have some separate thing that company depends on and you are the only MOFO that knows anything about it.


There is a cool song about making and building frameworks so check it out: