Don’t make bugs, make money!

Bugs, don’t make them

As we have already said in “Make bugs, make money!” post, bugs are a normal thing. In that post, we talked about why you should write and make bugs. Now we will talk why you should not make bugs. MDD is for everybody and we should give everybody a chance to make money in development.


If you work in a team, it is important that you don’t make bugs or at least write less than your colleagues. That way, everybody will know that you are better than them, you will get their respect and you can get more money from your clients or employers, win-win situation. When you get that image, it is important to keep it because it might fade away.

If you somehow make a bug, your image of bug-free developer will give you a chance to blame somebody else in a team. And who will be trusted? Joe that makes bugs every day, or you, bug-free code ninja? Stay cool, stay bug-free.


Make sure that you have well-done system or workflow that enables you to make project summaries, summaries that will show how good are you, that you don’t make bugs, that other people make them. People above you, managers or other people, don’t want to spend time talking to you, they like to look at summaries and not to think a lot, use that opportunity. And maybe one day, you might become a manager and have even more money with less work.

It works

When you are making a product, and selling it, it is really great if it works. If it doesn’t work, customers will not like that and probably will not continue to pay you for it. That should be enough of a reason for you not to make bugs and have that revenue stream and profits. In some cases, you should make bugs, but if you are selling the end product, that product should work and make you money!