Make bugs, make money!

Bugs, bugs everywhere

Bugs are a normal thing, you have them and get them every day. Ok, if you write perfect code (and you should not for various reasons) you will not get them. You need to ask yourselves, are bugs a bad or a good thing? 🙂

They are both good and bad, and that is why we need to take advantage of both cases. You need to make sure that both cases are good for YOU, they might be bad for somebody, but they should always be a good thing for you!

Trust and making money from bugs

Since bugs are a normal thing, you should always explain that to your clients or employers, if they don’t know that already. If they don’t believe that, you should show them few most popular apps, apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, mobile or web versions. They will see that bugs are reality and we should make the best of it.

Let us assume that your clients or employers know that bugs are a normal thing. What is next? They should know that you are the right person to tackle them. Or even better, that you are THE ONLY person that can tackle them and fix them. You need to have their trust, because that will get you towards getting more money, and we all know that M in MDD means money.

Who should make bugs?

Ideally, you are not the person who made bugs. In that case, you can come as a superhero, fix bugs, save them from having more problems, get trust and money. Like a Superman who fixes bugs, but of course without having digitally removed moustache like some of them did. You can call yourself Bugfixerman, Man of Steal.

If you are the one who made bugs, you should always blame somebody else. Blame some ex-employee or current employees. But be careful with blaming others, if you use git, there is that stupid option blame that others can use and see who really made that bug. But in most cases, you just need to be convincing and have them trust you that somebody else is guilty.

How fast should you fix bugs?

That is a tricky question. You need to test that. But the overall rule is to fix as little as possible but still have the trust of your clients or employers and good money stream from them. It also depends on how much money do you need or want, and also how much risk are you willing to take. You always have the risk that your client or employer will know MDD techniques. You will see what is the best time to fixes ratio over some time, just be patient. MDD is great, but it is not always simple as writing a buggy Android app.